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The Habit of Pilates 

Connect Body and Mind with The Basic 10 

Mondays: Create the Habit and Learn the Movement

Wednesdays: Movement

  • Create the habit of a regular movement practice.

  • The Basic 10 is a great place to begin for a movement practice that will work your whole body in a quick and efficient manner.

  • You will gain the knowledge to incorporate this work into your morning routine so you feel better and enjoy a more invigorating start to your day!

  • 5 x 30 minute 1:1 sessions where we can go over your questions and finetune the work for you and your life



I’m excited to talk with you and answer your questions. Please, schedule a 20 min. goals session with me or if you know you are ready to get going, send me an email with the lower button to let me know you’re excited to create your pilates mat habit!

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