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Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. 

~Joseph H. Pilates

Combining movement with the habits of ayurveda(the ancient life science part of yoga) will help you maintain consistent high energy and optimal mobility throughout your entire life.

My programs, based on simple lifestyle and movement shifts, will help you create the systems you need to have the life you dream of and feel great doing it.

We also have the opportunity to spend time working to create healthier movement patterns through pilates, yoga and other fun systems I find like the Round Box Core Blades or old favorites like the TRX suspension trainer, yoga ball or foam rollers.

Beginning where you are now, we look at the basics of movement and build from there. Sometimes it may seem slow but I'm all about the details of good alignment and creating good habits whether they are in the realm of exercise and movement or whole life experience. 

My goal for you is to find a simple way to create the freedom you desire whether it's being more comfortable in your body today or to feel secure in the healthy habits you know make you feel your best!

I'm excited to connect with you to learn how I can serve you.


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